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At Integrated Wealth Consultants, we strive to help our clients answer two key questions about their assets:

  1. How much risk can you take?
  2. How much risk are you willing to take?

From our experience, the concern and discomfort many investors feel when the markets fluctuate results from them receiving wealth management that does not align with their true risk tolerance. We want to replace worry with confidence — and pursue clients’ goals with strategies that make them comfortable. To support this goal, we spend a significant amount of time defining each client’s appropriate amount of risk.

Long before we begin to create a financial plan or customize a strategy, we get to know clients as human beings. We want to understand:

  • What goals and passions excite you?
  • What lifestyle matters to you?
  • What are your family priorities?
  • How do you define success?
  • What worries do you have?

There is no perfect, one-size-fits-all investment philosophy or strategy, because every client is unique. As we work together, we will be open and transparent with you, and candidly help you align your risk tolerance with your priorities and needs. Ultimately, we won’t recommend anything until we really know your desires and goals for your assets — so we can build a strategy that reflects you.

Technology Support

In addition to having meaningful conversations and meetings, we also strive to quantify your needs and preferences. Just as we integrate our services, we also believe in integrating technology and humanity. So, as we are building and implementing your risk tolerance and wealth-management strategy, we seek the latest tools to support our approach.

Risk Management Software: Riskalyze

This powerful technology allows us to run your recommended portfolio through a series of simulated market environments. As you see how the investments may respond to different scenarios, we can determine whether you feel comfortable taking these risks.

Often, investors don’t know their true risk tolerance until they experience volatility in real time — and Riskalyze allows you to feel the weight of these fluctuations without affecting your actual assets. From our experience, this tool allows us to refine clients’ portfolios and create an approach that gives them comfort, before we begin investing.

Investment Tracking Software: Asset Lock

The markets are constantly moving, and no human being can possibly follow every investment. Along with our hands-on reviews, we use Asset Lock software to analyze your holdings and alert us to performance benchmarks customized to your goals and risk tolerance.

With these limits and triggers in place, we receive live text updates any time your portfolio has meaningful movement. As a result, we can quickly respond to developments, keep you informed, and help ensure you always know where you stand.

AssetLock® is tracking software used to monitor the performance of a client’s portfolio, and to predetermine the amount of downside the client is willing to tolerate. It is NOT an actual stop order and will NOT automatically sell the individual securities in the portfolio. Therefore, the AssetLock® value is a reference point to encourage a conversation between the advisor/firm and the client to determine if the client’s portfolio should remain unchanged, reset the AssetLock® percentage by reallocating to a different risk profile, liquidate part or all of their portfolio or opt out of AssetLock®. ©2016 AssetLock®