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Our Solutions

No matter where you hope to go in your financial life, Integrated Wealth Consultants can provide you with sophisticated tools and straightforward support to help you get there.

As an independent, fiduciary firm, we will always provide you with objective advice and access to the universe of investment and insurance opportunities. Through every step, you will have our leaders, Richard and Sam, by your side — and a team of professionals behind the scenes helping to support your goals.

Our Services include:

  • Retirement planning
  • Investment strategies
  • Estate planning
  • Income strategies
  • Education planning
  • Philanthropic planning

Wealth Management Triad

When building clients’ financial plans and investment strategies, we are inspired by the skill required to construct and operate sailboats. Each piece and individual has its role — and they must work together seamlessly through various conditions. With the right balance and timing, a ship can capture the wind in any weather.

For our clients, we use a three-part wealth management approach, and determine the extent of each piece’s role depending on your life stage, goals, risk tolerance, and priorities.

The Ballast: Guaranteed Income Tool

Like the ballast that keeps a ship steady in calm and stormy seas, we use guaranteed income, such as annuities and life insurance, to help create predictability in clients’ financial lives. By covering the income they need and preserving their wealth for the future, these investments help encourage confidence and comfort.

The Mainsail: Conservative to Moderate Market Funds

No part of a sailboat has a greater impact on its speed and comfort than the mainsail. In the same way, we use conservative to moderate market funds to help generate ongoing portfolio growth — and seek to proactively capture changing winds without sacrificing steady progress.

The Spinnaker: Aggressive Growth Investments

When moving against the wind or trying to pick up greater speed, a sailboat’s captain will adjust the spinnaker to take advantage of prevailing winds. We use our aggressive growth investments in a similar fashion: They aren’t appropriate in every market environment, but when used well, they can advance clients more quickly toward their goals.

Ultimately, you are the captain determining your destination — and we are the rudder, helping to keep you heading in the direction you desire. With the right services and collaboration, we can help you enjoy the journey — and reach the harbors you’ve imagined.